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Writing Flash Memoir

Memories Fade but Memoirs are Forever

Think of life as a pie. A Memoir is one slice of pie. A Flash Memoir is a sliver. This sliver should be tasty—full of flavor, savory, rich, and extraordinary. It should feel worthy and satisfying. It can offer a moral, be uplifting, and poignant. It is worth your audience’s time. Click on the link to discover more.

Workshop: Who is Humpty Dumpty? The Audience-Author Relationship

How do we know Humpty Dumpty is an egg? This workshop helps writers provide the perfect details to paint a picture for their audience without taking the imagination out of reading.


Workshop: How to Climb Mt. Everest, One Memory at a Time

Whether you’ve actually climbed Mt. Everest or just to the top of the laundry pile, everybody has a story to tell and writing a memoir is a great way to share it. But how? Our memories are precious and often difficult to put on paper. Consider sewing episodic memories into a larger work by writing one short story at a time. This workshop helps writers discover which memories to share and a variety of ways to reveal them from blogs, to memory books, to full-length memoirs.

Critique Partners: A Relationship Made in Cyberspace

Writing can be a solitary endeavor but writers don’t work in a vacuum. Even the most published authors use critique partners to better their work. Learning to become a valued critique partner is key to improving your own writing. Words such as “Oh, that’s nice” or “I’d say it this way” are only helpful if you’re asking advice from your mother. This workshop tackles delicate ways to offer and receive constructive criticism with the added benefit of learning to critique your own work. It will show you how to find quality critique partners and how to start a critique group.

Blogging for Beginners

What, you want to blog but don’t know how to start? This hands-on workshop will help attendees start their own FREE blog in 10 minutes or less. Then, I’ll show you how to fill it with interesting items to keep your blog fun and up-to-date.