What is a Ghost Writer?
The short answer: a Ghost Writer writes material for someone else. Often times, a Ghost Writer will be hired to finish and edit an unpolished manuscript or write content for corporate clients. Sometimes, the Ghost Writer will work on a project from start to finish. Regardless, the author is the client and the Ghost Writer is somewhere in the background either as an invisible writer or as a co-author.

How does it work?
After a brief interview between the client and Ghost Writer, both parties mutually agree on the proposed project through a signed contract. Later, through a series of additional interviews, the Ghost Writer gathers the information necessary to complete the project.

What happens once the project is complete?
Either the client or the Ghost Writer can pursue publication. This may require a second contract.

Is it ethical?
Yes. Ghost writing is a collaboration between the Ghost Writer and the author. It is a form of coaching in that the Ghost Writer pieces together what the author wants to say. A Ghost Writer puts her ego aside and allows the credit to be the author’s, much like a private coach who guides someone to victory.

Do you need a Ghost Writer?
Do you need help crafting a memoir? Are you too busy to construct the content for your platform? Do you want to sound more eloquent, professional, personable? Then the answer is yes.

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